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His studies were financed largely by Czech associations, including Českoslovanská jednota (Czechoslavic Unity) and Radhošť since he could not afford them himself.

In Prague, he wrote political and artistic texts in which he tried to inform the Czechs of the disastrous situation of the Slovaks at that time.

He attended schools in Bratislava, Sopron and Szarvas.

In 1898, he began studying construction engineering in Prague.

He had 12 brothers and sisters, two of whom died at a young age.

He wrote his thesis about a star which was discovered in the Cassiopeia constellation in 1572.

He was involved in perfecting spectrography and has been considered a predecessor of Bernard Lyot.

He also attempted to construct a machine for colour photography and cinematography, and he had his design patented in 1911.

At the end of 1907, however, Janssen died and Štefánik lost his job.

Since 1908, he had been charged by the French authorities with astronomical and meteorological observations, (mainly observations of solar eclipses) and political tasks in various countries all over the world, including (Algeria, Morocco, Turkistan, Russia, India, the United States, Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, and Tonga).

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In 1904, he went to Paris to find a job in astronomy with a recommendation from a Czech professor who was known in Paris.

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