Vancouver worst dating city

When it comes to Vancouver, aloof behavior is "embedded in the cultural bedrock upon which this place was founded," explains Gordon Price, the director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University.

And he says our town has a lot of history when it comes to reserve (read: ignoring pretty ladies / treating nice men like creeps).

Another friend of mine says the reality is we all need to "man up": take more risks, be more friendly.

To which my first friend says, "Give me a frikkin' break." It's hard enough to find a date in this town, never mind change everything about dating culture.

When you pick a dress out of your closet in the morning, you know you'll be cat-called so often you'll swear from that day forward to wear nothing but burlap and parkas.

When I was in Dublin once with a friend, so many smiling, good natured men came over to chat with us, we thought it must be some sort of filming or bachelor-party dares.

In fairness, I asked a couple of (sweet, good-looking, funny) single guy friends about their experience here.

"The fact is that human behavior is contagious." And, yeah, that makes dating some kind of virus.Kathleen Bogle, from La Salle University, who wrote Bogle says "the worst" narrative gets told in big cities, small towns, and college campuses.So why do women believe their dating lot is particularly sucky?Turns out, men there just kind of cheerily approach women in bars.And they don't seem bothered by, "No thanks, I don't really fancy a snog." They just kept smiling as they said, "Cheers! I'm having a hard time imagining what the women in that town complain about.

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