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So many great things about that intro, and not just that she assumed we’ll all remember Talan.

The aggressively bitchy tone was familiar to anyone who had been to high school for even one day, but more importantly it was familiar to anyone who had seen Kristin play the bitchy girlfriend to Lauren’s unrequited love Stephen in season 1.

Mist yourselves with spray-tanner, grab your solo cup full of mysterious liquid, and let's recap! "We're talking about prom," Kristin says to Morgan in a totally cool, casual way — not at all prompted by an off-screen MTV producer. "You know how some people are like, I'll go even if I don't have a date? It's just gonna be me and Ben and Jerry at home," she says, following that up with some maniacal laughter.

Lauren was the narrator of the first season; it was her story.

The genius of season 2 isn’t just that this time it’s Kristin’s story, it’s that Kristin you’ve already watched a whole season of Lauren’s story, and you’re probably on Lauren’s side, and she doesn’t give one single fuck about it.

The only time you ever hear her talking is flirting with guys.

and Lo are wearing short flouncy things with hem ruffles — red for L.

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Brittany, 19, Edmonton, ABI always trust my gut feeling. I'd say give yourself some space apart from each other. Shawna, 15, Morris, ILSometimes guys are so concerned with being cool and hanging out with their friends.

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